eavesdropping Mabru

Join us! The first week of october eavesdropping will visit the Early Morning Market. The wholesale market of Brussels has existed for over a century. From 1973, the Market has moved to Quai des Usines, alongside the canal.

In the halls of the Market, more than 100 merchants offer a wide range of products, including fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, game, fish and shellfish, cheese and other dairy products, general food products and consumer products, wine and other drinks, deep-frozen products, flowers and plants.

From early in the morning, the “belly of Brussels” is abuzz with activity. Small and large producers offer local products; wholesalers and importers offer products from all over the world. A very large assortment of products made available to both “small” and “big” retailers, grocers and supermarkets, specialist food stores, public buyers, caterers and chefs, who frequently do their shopping at Belgium’s biggest fresh market.

WHAT: a visit to the early market of Brussels Mabru.
WHEN: Thursday 5 October from 5h in the morning
WHERE: 5h Werkhuizenkaai 22/23 Quai des Usines
CONTRIBUTION: 6€ (this includes a croissant, a coffee, the entrance to the market and an eavesdropping button!)


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