eavesdropping STIB/MIVB

eavesdropping visited the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux Bruxellois) / MIVB (Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel).

Founded in 1954, STIB/MIVB operates 4 metro lines, 17 tram lines and 50 bus routes, 11 nightbus routes. It covers the 19 communes of the Brussels Capital Region providing transport for its 1.1 million inhabitants. 370 million trips were made in 2015 on the STIB/MIVB network. The company counts 8.000 employees working for our mobility every day of the week.

We visited the depot, repair-shop, and the training center Delta. What a wonderful world lies behind your everyday commute! Steel, power, and people are on the move each day to make sure you can get where you need to be. A technical and logistical operation but above all an effort of people working together on all levels.

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