That Might Be Right

That Might Be Right is an organisation of cultural practitioners dedicated to (re)searching, developing and supporting alternatives to the present.

TMBR research platform (2020-present)
At the moment our research and activities are focussed the notion of primitive accumulation. In our film Borderscapes the history of disposession and ownership of land already came to the fore. Last year (2019) we discussed the longterm focus of TMBR and decided on the overarching research on primitive accumulation. The TMBR reading group already took up the research by reading Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici that shows that primitive accumulation is not only foundational to capitalism but also a recurring process in its expansion. From this experience we decided to research primitive accumulation from different perspectives and recurrences as we think this concept can link some of the most crucial themes of our time: gender, colonialism, ecology, technology. These four themes are the TMBR PILLARS along which we will develop the research on primitive accumulation
From 2020 onwards we will organise two TMBR reading groups each around a different TMBR PILLAR. As a support to these reading groups we will develop a furniture that can serve as a presentation table on which we can curate different documents and works by artist that relate to the theme. For each semester there will be one assembly organised where the exhibition on the table will be activated with the public through a lecture, a screening, or a discussion.

If you would like to join the TMBR and develop the longterm trajectory and/or the assemblies on primitive accumulation please let us know, send us a mail and join the team!

TMBR general
In co-operation we hope to find a counter balance to the structure of the current cultural economy and open up space for practices to think and act beyond art and towards new forms of life. Through a practice of assembly we attempt to bring cultural practitioners together to share experiences and discuss their thoughts, works, and tactics. By creating moments of collective interpretation, reflection, and exploration we hope to stake out the field for a cultural practice that is concerned with life and the world around us.

By loosely weaving together a plurality of views and voices we hope to bring about a community of cultural practitioners that takes the means of mediation in their own hands and therefore are able to develop practices that are durable, critical, and egalitarian. Indeed that something ‘might be right’ already implies that there are multiple ways to see the things around us and give significance to them. Actively investigating and discussing these alternative views and ways of doing will already change both ourselves and our surroundings. With this in mind our actions seek to be embedded in the tissue of our world and provoke an effect on everyday collective life.

That Might Be Right actions attempt to provide a supportive framework to the process of sharing, experiencing, and discussing the world around us and our life in it. Via collective exploration and by making use of common sense and common (visual)language we try to question the things we take for granted, and to challenge a varied public. These actions may take the form of public interventions, visual/artistic presentations, educational programmes, participatory events, or written/visual essays.

NOTES are the traces of the ACTIONS undertaken by TMBR.
PROPOSALS are concepts by TMBR for ACTIONS.

TMBR – That Might Be Right
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Email: info (at) thatmightberight (dot) org
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Our studio and commonspace is made possible by Level Five, a cooperative organisation by and for artist to have more influence on their basic means of production, their studio, as well as the market and policies governing these spaces.

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TMBR 2021
a.pass (
Beursschouwburg (
Steyn Bergs
Piero Bisello
Sofia Caesar – (
D-E-A-L (
Level Five (
Paoletta Holst (
Sophia Holst – (
Rob Ritzen (
Surface Utiles (

TMBR 2020
Line Algoed
Beursschouwburg (
D-E-A-L (
Pieter Geenen (
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TMBR 2019
a.pass (
Mira Asriningtyas (
Bianca Baldi
David Berstein (
Ella de Burca (
Corridor project space
Nell Donkers
Level Five (
Yana Foqué
Jan Hoeft (
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Zhou Junsheng
Martín La Roche Contreras (
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Céline Mathieu
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Suat Ögût
Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (
Goda Palekaite
Toby Paul & Mitchell Thar
Naïmé Perrette
Juan Pablo Plazas
Rob Ritzen (
Meggy Rustamova (
Viktorija Rybakova
Benjamin Seror
Marnie Slater
Bergur Thomas Anderson (
Robot Van Abbemuseum
Amber Vanluffelen
Simon Wald-Lasowski (insta: @simonwaldlasowski)
Dito Yuwono (

TMBR 2018
Sol Archer – (
Caroline Claus
Teresa Cos – (
Dear Hunter – (
Helena Dietrich & Wouter De Raeve
Toon Fibbe – (
Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat – (
Kevin Gallagher – (
Annee Grotte Viken – (
Paoletta Holst – (
Michiel Huijben – (
Lydia Karagiannaki & Bert Villa
Graham Kelly – (
Jacob Peter Kovner – (
Laura Muyldermans – (
Platform BK – (
Emma van der Put – (
Rob Ritzen – (
Pieter Vermeulen
Louis Volont – (
Timmy van Zoelen

TMBR 2017
Lucy Andrews – (
Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson
David Bernstein – (
Sofia Caesar – (
Lieven De Cauter
City3 – (
Daphne Major Research Office
Thomas Decreus
Abla Elbahrawy
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Flat i – (
Pascal Gielen
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Periferia Festival – (
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Tamara Vojtechovsky
Sam de Wilde
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TMBR 2016
Artez – (
Paoletta Holst – (
JVE – (
Nuit Debout Bxl
Rob Ritzen – (

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