Level Five – Cooperative Studio Floor

We are proud to be one of the initiators and founding members of Level Five, an artist run cooperative studio floor in the centre of Brussels.

Level Five is located just steps from the Beurs/Bourse in Brussels. On the fifth level about 70 artist share a floor which houses individual and shared studio’s, a shared desk area, a shared kitchen, and two common spaces.

The organisation of the floor is loosely based on council politics and radical democratic models of decision making and action. There is a council elected from the members which organises the basic obligations of the organisation (asbl Level Five vzw). Off paper there is a monthly forum where members of the floor can bring forward issues and proposals concerning the everyday environment in order to collectively give form to the common of the studio floor.

The commonspaces are there as an open space where Level Five members and visitors can meet. They are conceived as a social space that can transform in the different shapes social action can take: share a drink, watch a screening, view an exhibition, attend a lecture, participate in a discussion, … We feel that in this way the gap between production and presentation in the arts, which is the cause of alienation of the arts from society, is narrowed down on Level Five.

From the initiation of Level Five there has been made an effort to have a diverse group, both in background as in the content and form of artistic work. The group is very diverse in roots, gender, and languages. It is a cause though that is neccesary to keep on discussing between us and to see how to take action towards inequality and racism within the arts and society at large. Concerning diversity in content and form of artistic work Level Five covers a wide range from painters to performers, from academics to architects, from developers to designers, from sculptors to social-activist.  This also supports That Might Be Right their view of art as a social and democratic form, since only within an aesthetic plurality all perspectives can find expression.

That Might Be Right is excited to be part of this cooperative! We want to contribute to the social ecology and the artistic environment on the floor by initiating new projects based on the form of assembly. We would like to develop a programme in which overarching research themes, such as commons, decolonialism, poltical economy, and the spatial form these take, stretch the longue durée and find their way into our interventions which will have an irregular interval in the coming period. TMBR Assemblies might be back soon in a different guise and with new encounters…

We hope to see you soon!

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