That Might Be Right

Between The Sheets

That Might Be Right organized a month of intimate summer presentations Between The Sheets in the garden. Artists, curators, architects, writers and researchers presented their work, thoughts and/or interests.




Assembly 4

/ Toon Fibbe

/ Tamara Vojtechovsky


Assembly 3

/ Sofia Caesar

/ Flat I
/ Lucy Andrews
/ Sophia Holst


Assembly 2

/ David Bernstein

/ Sam De Wilde
/ Pádraic E. Moore


Assembly 1

/ Raewyn Martyn
/ Eloise Sweetman & Jason Hendrik Hansma
/ Jasmijn Krol



That Might Be Right proposes Between The Sheets, a month of informal artist presentations.
Drinks and snacks for democratic prices. Intimate experiments, loving assembly, affecting commons.

Welcome from 19h, start 20h
Haachtsesteenweg 276 Chaussee de Haecht
1030 Brussels
Public transport: Saint Servais/Robiano/Liedts



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