That Might Be Right

Revolution at Point Zero

Let’s get together to read, talk and think about our contemporary constellation and potential practices that might constitute new forms of life.

In six sessions we will read texts by Silvia Federici written between 1975 and the present, the readings give an overview of her research and theorizing on questions of social reproduction and the consequences of globalization. From Federici’s organizational work in the Wages for Housework movement to the economic roots of violence against women in Caliban and the Witch.

The sessions are not an endeavour of specialists or insiders, everybody brings the knowledge and experience they have to the table and we will work towards a shared, although not necessarily consensual, understanding of the topic. It is advised to read the chapters of each session beforehand, in order for us to discuss and reread parts of the chapter together during the session.

The text are in English, English will be the main language of conversation but open to contribute in other languages.

The coming years That Might Be Right will build up a public library around what is called primary accumulation — the historical and continuous expropriation of people from common land, resources and relations (See — Reconstituting Geographies)

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