That Might Be Right

TMBR Assemblies

TMBR assemblies are organised on a regular basis. By creating moments of collective interpretation, reflection, and exploration we hope to stake out the field for a cultural practice that is concerned with life and the world around us.

Through a practice of assembly we attempt to bring cultural practitioners together to share, experiences, and discuss their thoughts, works, and tactics. Always with the common aim of better understanding our time and world, enabling practices that might support the development of alternatives to the present.

By loosely weaving together a plurality of views and voices we hope to bring about a community of cultural practitioners that can breach the levees of the separated domains to which they have been banned, we have to think and act beyond art. A community of cultural practitioners that takes the means of mediation in their own hands and therefore is more autonomous from State, institutions, market, and the 1%. This means the possibility to develop practices that are durable, critical, egalitarian, and able to develop and support new forms of life.

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month we assemble for an evening of presentations, conversations and living thoughts.

TMBR Assembly
Saturday 7/7

Presentations by:
Bert Villa & Lydia Karagiannaki (
Sil Krol (
Sophia Holst (


TMBR Assembly
Saturday 16/6

Presentations by:
Sol Archer (
Teresa Cos (
Timmy van Zoelen

TMBR Assembly
Saturday 2/6

Presentations by:
Annee Grøtte Viken (
Michiel Huijben (
Emma van der Put (

TMBR Assembly
Saturday 19/5

Presentations by:
Atelier Cartographique
Caroline Claus
Dear Hunter

TMBR Assembly
Saturday 21/4

Presentations by:
Wouter De Raeve
Helena Dietrich
Graham Kelly

The scenography of the TMBR assemblies is a collaboration with Laura Muyldermans.

Creative Commons