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TMBR reading group – Caliban and the Witch

Getting together to read, talk and think about our contemporary constellation and potential practices that might constitute new forms of life. The TMBR Reading Group will focus on on the 21st century critical theory from a wide range of disciplines and with a broad interpretational framework.

The reading group is not an endeavor of specialist or insiders, everybody brings the knowledge and experience they have to the table and we will work towards a shared, although not neccesarily consensual, interpretation of the texts.

What we read and how we read can be discussed and reevaluated together at anytime. The proposal for the following sessions is to read Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Silvia Federici. We read a chapter before a session, in order to discuss and reread parts of the chapter together during the session.

TMBR Reading Group takes place two times a month Sunday afternoon with a pot of stimulating coffee and energizing tea. An oversight of the sessions and readings:

12/5 – Intro Session I – Preface & Introduction
26/5 – Session II – Chapter I, All the World Needs is a Jolt
9/6 – Session III – Chapter II, The Accumulation of Labor and the Degradation of Women
23/6 – Session IV – Chapter III, The Great Caliban
7/7 – Session V – Chapter IV, The Great Witch-Hunt in Europe
21/7 – Session VI – Chapter V, Colonization and Christianization | end of the book, celebration!

Yes we had to be disciplined, but we did it! Sometimes we were numerous, other times we were few. But all were inspired by this great and important book by Silvia Federici, Caliban and The Witch. We got an insight into the violent and encompassing transition from feudalism to capitalism. The systematic marginalization of the power and knowledge of women, culminating in the genocide that is called the whichhunt in 16th and 17th century. Very strong were the links that were made between this process and colonial expension up to this day. The autumn session of the TMBR Reading group will continue with studying what is called primitive accumulation and proposes to read Colonial Lives of Property by Brenna Bandar.

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